Special guests for June 19!



Sneak Peek


A few of the crochet jellyfish that Angelina will have on display as she works on an installation of a giant jellyfish during the event! There will also be ways for the audience to interact with the installation.


The concept for the clothesline originated when Gina Martinez and April Fulstone (agile one) began planning together for a new way to spotlight artists of all kinds who are pushing the boundaries of the expected.  They approached Angelina Fasano with the nascent idea and the details began to fall into place.

The clothesline represents the balance between strength (of manual labor that is traditionally women’s work) and vulnerability (hanging your belongings out to dry in plain view).

With this in mind, we will support a venue for musical and visual artists to interact with audience and space in novel ways, pushing all participants to take risks and challenge the expected.